The original idea for the cover is actually stolen from the book FLASHMAN ON THE MARCH. There is a whole series of books about Flashman and although I only managed to read through one of them - the covers are absolutely amazing. Worth buying the books just for the covers.

Before I decided on this theme - I went through many ideas, among them me sitting on a horse in a typical british landscape with traditional fox-hunting clothes, bravely looking out to the horizon. That idea was firmly rejected by my wife who said she would rather die than paint such a painting.

Saying goodbye to record companies and taking the indie road has so far been a enjoyable experience.

Shooting a music video was much fun - and wasn't much different from making music. My approach was to get a decent camera (Casio EX-F1), rent a studio with a couple of friends, figure out a bunch of scenes and then let the process take you wherever it wants.