Saying goodbye to record companies and taking the indie road has so far been a enjoyable experience.

Shooting a music video was much fun - and wasn't much different from making music. My approach was to get a decent camera (Casio EX-F1), rent a studio with a couple of friends, figure out a bunch of scenes and then let the process take you wherever it wants.

The Casio is great for shooting slow motion stuff. It requires exceptionally good lighting conditions and the resolution isn't the best - but not the worst either. Good enough for Youtube.

Here is a clip that didn't make it into the video. The idea of clapping didn't really work - which is a shame. The dancing is absolutely brilliant. Raw and rough.

Next video is already under development and without revealing too much - the song will be Sugar and will also be shot with the EX F1. But I need to find a better studio - this shooting will be messy in the extreme.

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